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Oh america, we are thankful for the jobs you keep on bringing into this city but the citizens, could you be anymore blind… Our work force is not at all competitve. Call center jobs will strengthen our economy but what does that say about employment? What percentage of our recent grads go on to get jobs related to their degrees? Sure it’s a problem in every other country has to deal with but the disparity between high quality skilled jobs and call center jobs are huge. Hambugero bayaang mga taga davao

There are things you want to pursue, they tell you to follow your dreams…but the people who tell you to do so are the exact same people who will bring you down.

“Oh, if you really wanted it, nothing would ever get in your way!”

Not true. And you are a fucking retard if you believe that.
All sorts of shit get in people’s way and many of the things are beyond their control.

“Oh but thats life, you ought to have done something about it…like find a solution to your problems….”

You just don’t fucking get it do you.

There is a particular reason why I don’t like wearing heels.

It’s really because it is tiring to wear.

No actually, that is beside the point but really it id my form of protest of being a small girl that I do not need to adhere to the standards of height for people to take me seriously. I do not like being called cute or anything like that. No one fucks with me. I may be pleasant and I will tolerate most of your shit but you do not fuck with me.

If i ever find out thar I’ve been diagnosed with a debilitating disease such as cancer, i dont want to get therapy. I just want to use the money for living my last days. I dont want to be depressed in a room full of cancer patients who are somewhat optimistic about life… I respect all survivors and their families but I would feel happier if I died knowing I got todo ehat Ive always wanted to do.

>wake up in middle of night
>stumble way to bathroom
>i flip the switch on coz i wanna piss
>lights flicker on and on
>half-awake and asleep, i freak out to flickering lights
>it’s the hash slinging slasher

3am musings

It’s one thing for your imagination to take you places and another to take your imagination somewhere. Bring in those dreams to reality, girl.

Mama nalipay sa iyang charles and keith nga bag nga akong gipalit

Mama nalipay sa iyang charles and keith nga bag nga akong gipalit